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A time of reckoning

The very real possibility that greyhound racing may well be banned in Florida in November has brought up some interesting shows of allegiance. Usually the truth emerges when the stakes are high, and indeed this is the case with the abolition of racing in Florida.  For this is where 11 […]


  A few years ago Anima were informed by Nora Dieppe in Australia that one of her greyhound Millie’s siblings had been sold to Macau by his trainer. After an investigation it was found that this dog was the renamed City Hunter (formerly Jack). Albano Martins and Anima then successfully […]


I often hear galgueros saying that hunting with galgos is a tradition and as such it should be defended and promoted. They’re right on the first point as hunting with galgos is a tradition, but that’s no reason for it to be defended and promoted. Traditions can often be a […]

Pensamiento por un galgo muerto en Medina del Campo

Quien ha visitado alguna vez Scooby sabe de lo que estoy hablando, y quien no ha estado allí todavía tiene que hacerlo, más allá de las palabras y tentar de imaginar. Las colinas que se extienden hasta el infinito, el cielo y la tierra que se entrelazan en el atardecer, […]