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Good news: JAKE IS SAFE!

  (Full and integral post)   JAKE IS SAFE!   For so long I thought about how I would announce this.. and now I don’t even know what to say! Thank you to Edith for continuing the search for me in Macau, for saving him – literally, at The Canidrome […]

Naples residents join call to end greyhound racing in Florida

(Full and integral post) Written by Justin Martin, June 7, 2018                      Photo: Tamica Jean-Charles/Naples Herald     Residents gathered at the Humane Society of Naples on Tuesday evening in support of Amendment 13, a constitutional amendment that would end greyhound racing in Florida if approved by […]

590 greyhounds were destroyed last year following an injury on a British track!

    (Full and integral post)   The GBGB recorded 4.837 injuries to greyhounds throughout 2017. 257 of those were destroyed trackside with a lethal injection. 333 were destroyed away from the track – method unknown.       Link post:   Source: Greyt Exploitations   @ All […]

An insight into TRACEABILITY: Exports, Deaths, Doping, Illegal Breeding, Strays and more

(Full and integral post) An insight into traceability – Exports/Deaths/Doping/Illegal Breeding/Strays/etc. A list of just a few greyhounds and their true life events – Read in full how the IGB, with new regulations, could now show traceability of greyhounds:…/greyhound-tra…     (Full article dd. 5.6.2018 posted by Polly) Greyhound Traceability   […]

Check out this AMAZING photo! This is PIXEL

(Full and integral post)   Check out this AMAZING photo!   This is Pixel. She was rescued a year and a half ago by a wonderful woman in Canada. Pixel ran three races but was discarded by the industry for being too stubborn after throwing her muzzle and refusing to […]

R.I.P. Mendenhall 14/5/18 at Launceston Track

(Full and integral post)   RIP Mendenhall 14/5/18 at Launceston Track.   Not even 2, this girl ran 6 times – wasn’t a winner, and was put down because she suffered a fractured left wrist. Hardly life threatening, except in the greyhound racing industry.     Link: Source: Let […]