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⚠️#BreakingNews #URUGUAY

    (Full and integral post)   #BreakingNews #Uruguay The city of #PuntaDelEste has prohibited the #GreyhoundRacing in its territory Pls support the campaign #StopGalgueros #GalgosLibres     Link post: Source: Adriana Caballero © All rights reserved

Henlow Greyhound Stadium: what happened to this dog?

  (Full and integral post)   A greyhound carried off after just the first race at Henlow Greyhound Stadium today. What happened to this dog?     If you look at the last picture, he is looking directly at the camera, as if asking for help from the activists. And […]

1.429 greyhounds KILLED in Victoria in one year

  (Full and integral post)   Apparently the murder of 1,429 greyhounds in one year is acceptable in Australia… This information is readily available in the annual report for greyhound racing in Victoria (it is not a lie, it is not an exaggeration). In fact, Greyhound Racing Victoria, like to […]

Twenty-four greyhounds euthanised this year already

  (Full and integral article) Twenty-four greyhounds euthanised this year already Written by Michael Morrah – 20.07.2018   Six months after a damning report on the greyhound racing industry, Newshub has discovered another 24 dogs have been killed after being injured on racing tracks. Most were euthanised after breaking part […]