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  A few years ago Anima were informed by Nora Dieppe in Australia that one of her greyhound Millie’s siblings had been sold to Macau by his trainer. After an investigation it was found that this dog was the renamed City Hunter (formerly Jack). Albano Martins and Anima then successfully […]

Yet another horrific cruelty case and shallow grave discovered with 9 dead greyhounds and 12 starving greyhounds

    (Full and integral post) Yet another horrific cruelty case and shallow grave discovered with 9 dead greyhounds and 12 starving greyhounds. #nothinghaschanged #shutitdown   Link article:             (Full and integral article)   RSPCA NSW inspectors have uncovered a shallow grave containing nine Greyhounds at […]

Anti-racing advocates call attention to greyhound hauling

    (Full and integral post) “Athletes die. Athletes get hurt … It happens.” – Florida Greyhound Association Lobbyist Jack Cory ATTEMPTING TO DEFEND dog racing!   #YouBetTheyDie Protect Dogs – Yes on 13     (Full and integral article) Link article:   Anti-racing advocates call attention to […]

Racing greyhound owners challenge Seminole ordinance

    (Full and integral post) #DesperationMove Orlando greyhound breeders “lawyer up” in bid to avoid disclosure of injury records #TruthHurts Link articolo originale:       TRADUZIONE dell’ARTICOLO Racing greyhound owners challenge Seminole ordinance County says rules meant to protect dogs, not regulate gambling By Mike DeForest – […]

Talk about double speak and delusion

    (Full and integral post)   Talk about double speak and delusion To protect their cruelty, Florida greyhound racers are attacking their own documentation of greyhound confinement! In a cynical gambit, they have begun to claim that greyhound confinement footage that was publicly released by dog track promoter and […]

The last Appeal and the last Position of Anima Macau

Here is the final appeal that Albano Martins has sent to the Macau government, outlining Anima’s position and proposing two main practical options for saving the Canidrome greyhounds and organising their adoption with suitable families both in Macau and via reputable organisations from around the world, in countries where there […]

Press conference by Albano Martins – 20 June

  Dear friends and supporters, On the 20th June there will be a press conference by Anima president and founder Albano Martins, in which he will outline the position of Anima about the Macau greyhounds and his proposals for the best options to save them all. We will be publishing […]

Good news: JAKE IS SAFE!

  (Full and integral post)   JAKE IS SAFE!   For so long I thought about how I would announce this.. and now I don’t even know what to say! Thank you to Edith for continuing the search for me in Macau, for saving him – literally, at The Canidrome […]

Naples residents join call to end greyhound racing in Florida

(Full and integral post) Written by Justin Martin, June 7, 2018                      Photo: Tamica Jean-Charles/Naples Herald     Residents gathered at the Humane Society of Naples on Tuesday evening in support of Amendment 13, a constitutional amendment that would end greyhound racing in Florida if approved by […]

590 greyhounds were destroyed last year following an injury on a British track!

    (Full and integral post)   The GBGB recorded 4.837 injuries to greyhounds throughout 2017. 257 of those were destroyed trackside with a lethal injection. 333 were destroyed away from the track – method unknown.       Link post:   Source: Greyt Exploitations   @ All […]

An insight into TRACEABILITY: Exports, Deaths, Doping, Illegal Breeding, Strays and more

(Full and integral post) An insight into traceability – Exports/Deaths/Doping/Illegal Breeding/Strays/etc. A list of just a few greyhounds and their true life events – Read in full how the IGB, with new regulations, could now show traceability of greyhounds:…/greyhound-tra…     (Full article dd. 5.6.2018 posted by Polly) Greyhound Traceability   […]


The time of the Canidrome is nearing its end, and in July it will shut down forever. It will be a great day for all those who love greyhounds and other animals, and who want the world to be a more civilised place.

But that isn’t enough for us. We are […]


Rama won’t make it. Clinical tests have shown that the cancer has spread throughout her body, causing her pain and suffering. In the next few days we will let her go because we do not want her to suffer anymore, and we believe that after a lifetime of exploitation she […]

Check out this AMAZING photo! This is PIXEL

(Full and integral post)   Check out this AMAZING photo!   This is Pixel. She was rescued a year and a half ago by a wonderful woman in Canada. Pixel ran three races but was discarded by the industry for being too stubborn after throwing her muzzle and refusing to […]