Save the Macau Greyhounds

The Canidrome, the worst dog track in the world, will definitively cease to exist by 21st July 2018. What seemed like an impossible dream will become reality.

The new ‘Save the Macau Greyhounds‘ international campaign, led by ANIMA, GREY2K USA Worldwide and Pet levrieri Onlus, is now being launched.

Now it is vital to help ANIMA Macau reach the other two objectives:

To get the government of Macau to hand over the 650 greyhounds at the Canidrome into the care of ANIMA Macau.
To find suitable homes for each of the 650 greyhounds.

If the Government doesn’t hand over the greyhounds to Anima Macau, they will gradually die due to the living conditions or following accidents on the track, and the survivors will be sold to Vietnam, where commercial dog racing is legal and is growing, and to China, India and Pakistan, where illegal tracks are spreading.

Some of them may even end up in the dog meat trade.


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How to save the 650 greyhounds of the Macau Canidrome – The international campaign ‘Save the Macau Greyhounds’.

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