Macau Greyhounds FAQs

How can I help the Macau greyhounds?

There are various ways you can help, in addition of course to sharing official information, posts and appeals published on the Save the Macau Greyhounds page: you can donate, adopt, or volunteer to help Anima.

Vets, canine behaviourists, and veterinary specialists in particular fields would be most welcome, as well as animal lovers who would like to help by offering their time and talents as volunteers under the direction of Anima (e.g. in helping with the clean-up operations or exercising the dogs etc). However, independent initiatives from those acting in an improvvised manner and who are unwilling to follow direction from Anima will not be welcome, for practical reasons.

There are 3 ways you can donate:

1. You can donate directly to Anima into the following account:
ANIMA – Sociedade Protectora dos Animais de Macau, Banco Nacional Ultramarino, MOP account number 9003472840;
Bank of China, MOP account number 01-01-20-794318
ICBC, MOP account number 0119100200000960934
(ICBC jetco, please do not input the first three digits)
Tai Fung Bank, MOP account number 201-1-10530-7
Tai Fung Bank, HKD account number 101-1-12983-3
Paypal account: albano@animamacau.org
and inform us of your donation to anima@macau.ctm.net or info@animamacau.org

2. You can donate to Grey2K USA Worldwide: https://www.grey2kusa.org/index.php

3. You can donate to the Save the Macau Greyhounds Gofundme appeal set up by Pet Levrieri specifically for the Macau Greyhounds: https://www.gofundme.com/helpthemacaugreyhounds


Who do I contact to adopt a Macau greyhound?

The rehoming process will be coordinated by Pet Levrieri in Europe (including the UK), Grey2K USA Worldwide for the USA and Canada, and Anima Macau for the rest of the world.

Here is the list of organisations and refuges worldwide who have adhered to our campaign and rehoming appeal:

You will need to contact a refuge in your country which is included on this list who will be taking Macau dogs. It will only be possible to adopt a Macau greyhound exclusively through one of the organisations on this list.

If you do not hear back from a rescue you have contacted within a reasonable timeframe, please email us at savemacaugreyhounds@gmail.com or contact one of our team leaders:
stefania.petlevrieri@gmail.com (Europe)
christine@grey2kusa.org (US)
albano@animamacau.org (rest of the world)

Please note that applicants for adoption in Germany will need to apply to Pet Levrieri in Italy or Greyhound Protection Germany. 

When will the first greyhounds be available for adoption?

The first dogs will be available starting from October/December 2018 for the adoptions in USA and from September in Macau.

For the dogs coming to Europe, the time required for the veterinary and bureaucratic procedures required for the international movement of dogs is of at least 4 months from the time of administering the antirabies vaccine.
So the 132 dogs that will be coming to Europe will be available starting from January 2019.

I would like to adopt a Macau greyhound. How long will I have to wait?

Bearing in mind the above statement about the 4 month requirement for the adoptions in Europe, waiting times for adoption will vary depending on a number of factors, but in general are likely to be between January 2019 and July 2019.

Will I be able to choose my dog?

No, that will not be possible. It will be the job of the refuges rehoming the dogs to assess them and match them to the most suitable applicants.

Will I have to make a donation in order to adopt?

The sums required to care for such a large number of dogs, prepare them for travel and arrange their transports abroad from Macau will be considerable. So adopters will be expected to make a donation towards those costs, but the exact amount will be determined at local level by the refuge arranging the adoption.
All surplus funds collected by the refuges via adoption fees for the Macau greyhounds exceeding the costs sustained by the refuges for these dogs, will be given to Anima to help sustain the general costs of the rehoming campaign.

Can you guarantee that the dogs will be in good health?

All the dogs have to be in good health in order to be allowed to travel, according to the international regulations for the transportation of animals. In addition all the dogs will be microchipped, sterilised, vaccinated against rabies and the most common diseases. Each dog will be travelling with his/her own individual veterinary certificate in adherence to international regulations.
However, bearing in mind the bad conditions in which the dogs were kept by the Canidrome, we cannot exclude the possibility of health problems emerging at a later date, after adoption. So we would invite those considering adopting one of these dogs to view it above all as an act of unconditional love and commitment.

Will the dogs have a character profile?

Each dog will undergo a basic character and behavioural assessment, but this will obviously not be very exhaustive. Given the large amount of dogs to assess and the limited amount of time available in which to do so, it would be difficult to prepare very detailed profiles of each dog, but a lot will depend on whether there are volunteers available to help in that respect.

I am interested in adopting a Macau greyhound in Europe. What should I do?

For info and adoptions in the UK please contact in the first instance one of the four main British refuges who will be helping coordinate the arrivals as well as rehoming the dogs: Greyhound Gap, CELIA CROSS GREYHOUND TRUST , Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue , and Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, or one of the other British rescues in this list: https://www.facebook.com/notes/save-the-macau-greyhounds/list-of-the-refuges-and-organisations-rehoming-macau-dogs/2148012558821579/

For info and adoptions in France please contact: Levriers En Détresse Led

For adoptions in Italy and in the rest of Europe (excluding UK and France) please contact: Pet levrieri Onlus.

Why are many of the dogs pictured wearing muzzles?

In Macau, all large breed dogs are obliged by law to wear muzzles when in public places and spaces. The Canidrome is classified as a public space accessible to the public, and so all the dogs have to be muzzled when outside of their kennels. However, thanks to the kindness and cooperation of Anima and government staff, we were allowed at one point during the assessments to remove the muzzles while we were photographing and filming the dogs. So in some photos the dogs are wearing muzzles and in others they’re not.

Why are there more photos and videos for some dogs than for others?

Inevitably, the photos and videos of the dogs are relatively limited and only capture a few moments, both because we had a lot of dogs to assess and also because our priority was to spend time with the dogs and observe them naturally. Also, some of the dogs were a little inhibited and disoriented by the presence of the camera equipment, so in those cases we limited the camerawork to what was strictly necessary.

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