‘Angela Leong says the track’s arrangements for the greyhounds are nobody else’s business.’

So Angela Leong, Macau’s very own ‘Cruella de Vil’ – she who stated that ‘greyhounds are there to serve humans’ – and has yet to adopt a single greyhound, is spokeswoman for the track with the worst world record for killing greyhounds (and from which only 8 have got out in 54 years), and who is personally blocking all of Anima’s attempts to save the dogs, wants us to believe that she is going to personally rehome every single one of the 600 plus dogs still trapped in that hellhole? She clearly overestimates her persuasive powers, lol! ?? #savemacaugreyhounds

We are sharing this article only to illustrate the pathetic nature of her attempts to hoodwink the public.

‘Angela Leong says the track’s arrangements for the greyhounds are nobody else’s business.’ Macau News 2018.01.02 17:03

‘With regards to moving out of the original site on 21.07.2018, Canidrome Executive Director Ms. Angela Leong has stated that they don’t have any new arrangements planned for the greyhounds. She urges the public not to believe in rumours.

She claims that the Canidrome is no longer importing greyhounds. “If I were to ask, my friends would come and adopt the greyhounds one by one,” she says, “Please don’t try and have a finger in every pie.” She claims that the rumours about greyhounds being sold for meat was just a ruse to draw the attention of animal rights activists, and that they are just ‘malicious attacks’.

Ms. Angela Leong says she knows that someone wants to get approval from the IACM (the Institute for Civic and Municipal Affairs) to transfer the 600 greyhounds in the Canidrome to one of the animal welfare associations, and raise 5 million euros in Portugal to pay for the the expense of building kennels there. She emphasizes that every dog has its owner, “if any owners don’t want to keep them, I, Angela Leong will keep them all.” ‘

Oh really, Angela? Just out of spite, so that they cannot go to good homes?

Nice try, Angela, but it ain’t going to work.