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I AM A DOG, I WASN’T BORN TO…by Roberto Marchesini

The following are lines written by Prof. Roberto Marchesini, ethologist, philosopher and founder of SIUA (School of human-animal relationship studies), which effectively condense in a deep and eloquent way what ‘being a dog’ means. We believe that these lines are a wonderful living lesson that we can put into practice […]


One of the side effects of greyhound racing is the mistaken image of greyhounds that it conveys, which is sometimes accepted at face value even by those who rescue them or even more surprisingly by those who rehabilitate them. Greyhounds are extremely sensitive dogs, very attentive to what is being […]

Older dogs

Older dogs have many stories to tell, and they do it discreetly, for those who are prepared to listen. They have so much to teach, for those who are prepared to learn. Older dogs have two lives: one behind them and one in front of them, and for each day […]


Some of you may have wondered why we don’t just rehome Irish greyhounds but also lurchers, that is crossbreeds having at least one sighthound among their forebears. After all, some people say, they are just crossbreeds, and our own pounds are already full of crossbreeds. Actually, this line of thought […]


I am the bridge, Between what was and what can be. I am the pathway to a new life.   I am made of mush, Because my heart melted when I saw you, Matted and sore, limping, depressed Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.   For one little time you are […]

Collaboration with Scooby

The Association Pet Levrieri Onlus is very pleased to announce that it will collaborate with the rescue Scooby Medina for the rescue and rehabilitation of Spanish greyhounds. We thank Firmin for his thorough and very productive dialogue with us.

Greyhounds: some thoughts on evolution and predatory motivation

In her contribution to a workshop on greyhounds held in 2013, canine behaviourist Professor Galbiati shed some light on a fundamental but rather neglected aspect of greyhounds which deserves further thought: evolution and predatory motivation. What follows are my own personal reflections on the subject, which I hope may prove […]