Dear friends, supporters and adoptive families,
We are starting 2018 with last year’s accounts as well as our plans for the New Year, and would also like to thank everyone who has helped us achieve the goals that we set ourselves in 2017.
In 2017 we found homes for a little over 160 sighthounds from Spain and Ireland, which is the annual number we had set ourselves when our association was first founded. In other words four arrivals of greyhounds and four arrivals of galgos per year and no more.
We chose to do this so that we would be able to follow properly and with sufficient care all the phases in the adoption process, from the first contact from potential adopters right through to the most delicate post adoption period, through the fostering period for dogs still without homes or for those who may be returned.
In addition we decided to get directly involved in the defence, rescue and adoption of the greyhounds exploited and killed in China for illegal racing, hunting, breeding and the abominable dog meat trade.
Prince, Phoebe and King were the first ever greyhounds rescued from the dog meat trade to arrive in Italy. In 2018 we will continue with this commitment.
We also worked to realise one of the most important priorities of our association, which is to offer concrete, consistent and continuous financial support to the refuges with which we collaborate in Ireland, Spain, and recently China also, and to the antiracing campaign groups who fight in Europe and around the world to end the business of racing and hunting with galgos.
We managed to raise a total of €29,464.79 in 2017 for the rescues and antiracing campaign groups we collaborate with, registering an ever increasing amount from year to year:
€14,623.75 in 2014, €23,626.72 in 2015 and €27,019.36 in 2016. 
Of the €29,464.79 raised last year, €25,653,53 have been given to the Irish and Spanish rescues that we collaborate with. 
Raising these funds has been a consistent job requiring sacrifices, much effort and careful choices.
Furthermore, we have actively participated in antiracing demonstrations and initiatives in Ireland and the UK, paying the expenses for this ourselves, and now we are involved on the frontline in the worldwide  Save the Macau Greyhounds campaign, alongside Anima Macau and GREY2K USA Worldwide,  and all our international partners.
We have managed all of this without selling any collars or dog coats, but uniquely thanks to the donations made by yourselves our associate members, our adoptive families, our followers and the partners who collaborate with us, as well as the membership quotas.
Our transport costs have also all been covered by donations, without any kind of contribution from either the Irish racing industry or any other organisation.
We are really proud of this, because we have demonstrated with facts that our project is feasible and realistic: to fight the racing industry and the galgueros, to rescue the dogs, to help those on the frontline where sighthounds are exploited, abused and illtreated, all the while maintaining our independence from the racing industry and without becoming sellers of products for dogs.
And we must add that none of us associate members receives any kind of reimbursement or payment for work carried out for the association.
I would like to thank all of you associate members for this, you who joined this association not as an ego trip or to play out grotesque fantasies of yourselves as saviours of greyhounds, but to give concrete and valuable help in pursuing the objectives of our association, knowing how to work as a team.
I would also like to thank all of our supporters and adoptive families for all the help you give us by spreading the word about the work and the aims of Pet Levrieri, by adopting dogs from us, by taking part in our fostering project, by participating in our ventures, by making donations, and by giving your talents and your time for the benefit of our common cause.
This help has allowed us to reach all the aforementioned objectives in 2017.
Without all of your donations, by which we also mean the annual membership fees, and without the donations made by our adoptive families, our friends and our partners, who made the decision to help us and to believe in our association, we would not have been able to realise all of this from year to year, and we would not be able to continue to do so.
Our objective for 2018 is to increase our help to rescues and antiracing campaign groups, because we are in the supporting ranks of a front where others move amidst a thousand daily difficulties.
I am certain that your support will not be lacking.
My heartfelt thanks to you all.
Stefania Traini President of Pet Levrieri