All the way from China

Prince and King are two rescued greyhounds, but they’re not from Ireland or from Great Britain. They come from very far away, from China, where they were saved by Chinese activists from a truck full of other dogs while on their way to be slaughtered for the dog meat markets.

Their conditions were very precarious: even we – who are used to seeing graphic images and videos from countries like Spain and Argentina – found it hard to watch the videos documenting their rescue.


As many people are aware, in some areas of China the consumption of dog meat is popular, and the treatment of the dogs ending up in these circles is truly abominable and shameful, even before they are slaughtered.

However, there are many people who fight hard on the frontline to rescue the dogs destined for the meat trade and to change their situation: we have the utmost respect for them, and we will try to help them as much as we can.

So Prince and King will be coming to Italy, thanks to people like this and also thanks to Kerry Elliman of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, who has been involved for a while in investigating and spreading the word about what happens to many greyhounds in China, and in trying to offer the chance of a decent life to these and other greyhounds.

We expect to find two really special families for Prince and King, who will be able to offer them a life filled with respect, love and dignity, and who will have the patience to help them overcome what they have suffered. We feel certain that Prince and King, like all rescued greyhounds, will do their best too and will make the most amazing pets.

At the moment Prince and King are in the Candy Cane refuge in Beijing where they will be taken care of until they are healthy enough to leave for Italy.

If anyone is interested in adopting them (either singly or together) please contact us on: [email protected]

We ask for a minimum adoption fee of €400 euros per dog, which in no way covers the transport costs which we expect to be far greater.

We look forward to giving a warm Italian welcome to Prince and King!


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