At the Beijing refuge with dogs rescued from the dog meat trade

Beautiful photos from the day Pet Levrieri president Stefania Traini and associate member Samantha Gauchat, with Catherine Madry and Emilie of LED spent at the Beijing refuge directed by Yun Xiao DoeDoe, which takes in and cares for greyhounds and dogs of other breeds rescued from the dog meat trade.

It was a very emotional day, and a real learning experience. It was lovely to meet the volunteers who look after the dogs with so much love, sharing their daily lives with them. The refuge itself is very beautiful: it’s basically a little village immersed in nature. The dogs are housed in small groups in kennels, consisting of a little raised house with its own small garden.
The dogs spend the whole day with the volunteers. The shelter has lots of green spaces, many different games and lots of opportunities for exploring and playing in nature.

During the day the dogs are let out of their kennels in groups of dogs that get on with each other, made up of dogs of different breeds, ages and genders, and they are allowed the free run of the whole refuge compound, free to explore, run, interact with each other and with humans, and play. They have access to all areas of the refuge and they take part in lots of different activities with the humans.

It really is a protective microcosm, offering each of the dogs a wealth of positive life experiences. Although, being a refuge, it is only a temporary home for the dogs while awaiting adoption, it nonetheless offers each of these dogs many positive experiences, which help them overcome their terrible past – a past made up of exploitation, abuse, and a death they have only narrowly escaped from.
A special thanks goes to the Chinese refuge and its director Yun Xiao Doe Doe, Candy Cane Rescue, and all the Chinese activists who fight every day with great courage, passion and determination to save greyhounds and dogs of other breeds from the dog meat trade, and to bring about cultural change and laws to protect dogs in China.

Thanks to all of you friends, near and far, who have followed Archie, Rosie and Sam’s journey from China to Italy, cheering them on, and making us feel supported. The dogs are now happily settled with their foster families in Italy where they are getting used to life in a home: now to find them forever families of their own!

Our heartfelt thanks to all who made this journey possible.

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Al rifugio di Pechino con i cani salvati dal mercato della carne.


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