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The way most people first approach a dog is generally incorrect from a communicative point of view, i.e. the management of space and distance, posture, physical gestures, way of moving, facial expression and extra verbal communication. Unfortunately human culture is intrinsically anthropocentric, and assumes that human language is both the […]

I AM A DOG, I WASN’T BORN TO…by Roberto Marchesini

The following are lines written by Prof. Roberto Marchesini, ethologist, philosopher and founder of SIUA (School of human-animal relationship studies), which effectively condense in a deep and eloquent way what ‘being a dog’ means. We believe that these lines are a wonderful living lesson that we can put into practice […]


One of the side effects of greyhound racing is the mistaken image of greyhounds that it conveys, which is sometimes accepted at face value even by those who rescue them or even more surprisingly by those who rehabilitate them. Greyhounds are extremely sensitive dogs, very attentive to what is being […]

‘The Way of Animals’ at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute

Conference taking place on 4-5/10/14 (St Francis’s Day and World Animal Day) at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Pomaia near Pisa called ‘The Way of Animals’, about how communicating with and helping animals can be a spiritual path in itself as it is a path involving self knowledge and […]

Potential damage from using a collar, and advantages of a harness.

As shown in the infographic, made by Fabrizio Giammatteo, several scientific studies show that the collar may by harmful for dogs. Among the different models the most suitable is the H model, as long as it is worn in the proper way. Pet levrieri suggests Haqihana harnesses, available on their website: and […]

Types of canine motivation

Usually, people think that greyhounds are dogs with a strong prey instinct, that they love to run or, on the other hand, that they are very lazy and just long to be cuddled etc. But what does it mean to have an instinct? To prefer doing some things rather than […]

What is ‘Mobility Dog’?

Mobility Dog is a new, non-competitive type of training, open to and suitable for all dogs and their owners. Created in Switzerland in the nineties, it has been very successful and has spread rapidly to other countries. Given its characteristics, it is an excellent tool for improving a dog’s social skills, […]