At the bridge


Rama won’t make it. Clinical tests have shown that the cancer has spread throughout her body, causing her pain and suffering. In the next few days we will let her go because we do not want her to suffer anymore, and we believe that after a lifetime of exploitation she […]


Today, on my first walk without you, I kept on repeating a gesture that has now become something of a habit with me: looking back to check you were there. It’s what I did for six and a half years, walk after walk, whether near home in Italy, or away […]

For Bridie, and those like her

To be born a greyhound in Ireland is to be condemned not just to die, but to live as if life were nothing but exploitation, devoid of joy and affection. As if life were a dark tunnel from which you can never escape. We don’t know if dogs harbour any […]

FOR HAMLET (2000/2001-22/12/2014)

Cherish the memories, they say. He had a good life. And it’s true. Every day he would explore the woodland sniffs, drink from running streams and rain puddles, sometimes pausing to mindfully take in an exquisitely scrumptious wild scent magically embedded in some ordinary-looking clump of grass, lips quivering in […]

A Greyhound’s Song

I have lived my life in a cage Muzzled, even at Christmas. I wanted to play but this was forbidden. I slept on shredded newspaper ‘to keep out the damp’, they said. But it was cold, and it was hard. They only ever touched me to check my muscles were […]