Today 1st February is ‘Dia del Galgo‘: International Galgo Day, the day created to spread awareness around the world about the tens of thousands of galgos massacred every year in Spain at the end of the hunting season, after a life of abuse and exploitation.

The 31st January marks the end of the hunting season, which effectively means a death sentence for thousands of galgos.

It’s the time when the galgueros start to abandon, give away or kill the galgos no longer considered good enough hunters, or who are no use to them as breeding stock or for championship competitions.

It’s the time of year when galgos are most frequently abandoned and killed – although the abandonment, abuse and slaughter of these dogs are routinely practiced by galgueros throughout the year anyway.

We have created the facebook frameDia del galgo, No Ala Caza‘, which will be available from the 30th January to the 10th February, dedicated to all the galgos who are exploited, abused and killed in Spain by the hunting community.

It’s very simple to use – here’s how:

  • Click on your profile pic and select ‘add frame’, then click on our ‘Dia Del Galgo, No alla Caza’ frame, and click ‘use’.
  • Alternatively, if you have a facebook friend who is already using the frame, click on the ‘try frame’ on the bottom right of his/her profile pic and follow the instructions provided.
Please join us to get the word out, spread awareness and take action to build a future without hunting.

It’s important to take part in creating a vast international awareness movement that can change the way in which galgos are perceived, develop a sense of public outrage at the way they are treated and push for laws which will outlaw hunting with galgos.

Adoption alone is not the solution: we have to go much further.

Thank you for joining us!

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