The association Proyecto Galgo will speak at the Argentinian Parliament on Wednesday 29th July, to propose a law which would ban greyhound racing in Argentina. We at Pet Levrieri have sent the Argentinian senators this letter in support of the proposal by Proyecto Galgo.   To the Senators of […]

A propagandist farce

At long last the GBGB – i.e. the UK greyhound racing industry – and its CEO Mark Bird have woken up to the problem of British and Irish greyhounds being sent for breeding under often shameful conditions to countries like China and Pakistan. That this was a regular occurrence has […]

Commercial greyhound racing and exports

The racing industry habitually exports greyhounds – not just from Ireland and the UK but also from New Zealand, USA and Australia. As far as Europe is concerned, some dogs are exported to countries where races take place but where betting on dogs is illegal – at least officially. Such […]

27.11.2018: Today 10 greyhounds have left Macau

    (Full and integral post)   #SaveTheMacauGreyhounds#Campaign   <27-11-2018> Canidrome Information   Today 10 greyhounds have left Macau through the new bridge directly to HK Airport traveling to Philadelphia and Seattle, five to each destination. The greyhounds now in Canidrome are 439!   For adoptions:     Link: […]


I had a bit of a browse in an Australian portal called FastTrack, where I found some info about Okay Super (whom we have now renamed Zen) in addition to what is already known i.e. his date of birth – 8th July 2009. I found out that his breeder was […]

Claw marks and faeces: Inside kennel housing 70 greyhounds

  (Full and integral article) Claw marks and faeces: Inside kennel housing 70 greyhounds The new owners of the kennel report an “overpowering” smell, as well as seeing faeces and claw marks on the walls. By Sanya Burgess, news reporter     A kennel that housed more than 70 greyhounds […]

A propagandist farce

The latest ruse dreamed up by the Irish racing industry for the purposes of propaganda has an interesting and almost moving name: ‘Our people, their stories’. It has been launched by none other than Michael Creed, Irish minister for agriculture, who is also in charge of racing, since greyhounds are […]

Roscoes Trigger fell badly at Nottingham & DNF, 12 Nov 2018

    (Full and integral post) Roscoes Trigger fell badly at Nottingham & DNF, 12 Nov 2018   Greyhound Roscoes Trigger suffered a terrible fall at Nottingham today and could not finish the race. We hope he is OK   Link: Source: CAGED Nationwide © All Rights Reserved  

Let the greyhound go home

Robert and Jennifer adopted Cortland the greyhound   (Full and integral post) Let the greyhounds go home       By Christine Dorchak, President and General Counsel of GREY2K USA Worldwide Recently, we asked you to share your greyhound’s story. As with our annual calendar contest, we received entries describing […]