Adoption Module

The following questionnaire is intended for the purpose of gathering initial basic information about candidates seeking to adopt one of the greyhounds saved from the Macau Canidrome. The questions are purely for information purposes, as a first step in the pre adoption assessment process, and completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a Canidrome greyhound.

Once the greyhounds have been released from the Canidrome and handed over to the care of Anima Macau, each application for adoption will be individually assessed. 

If your application is accepted, the pre adoption assessment will be followed up by a telephone call and then a pre adoption homecheck, which will be carried out by a representative of the local rescue or adoption group in your country which has joined the Save the Macau Greyhounds campaign.

If your homecheck is successful, the greyhound best suited to your family and lifestyle will then be selected from among those available for adoption. Our aim is to entrust you with a friend for life, and to guarantee to each greyhound a family who will love and respect him for life too.



Email address

Mobile number

Postal address




How many people are there in your family? Please identify each member, their age and their profession.

Are any family members allergic to pets?

Does the whole family agree with your decision to adopt a greyhound?

Describe your home (apartment, house, etc):

Is your home rented?

Does your house have a garden?

If yes, is the garden fenced?

If yes, how high is the fencing?

Why do you wish to adopt a Macau greyhound?

How did you hear about the ‘Save the Macau Greyhounds’ campaign?

How many hours a day would the dog be left alone?

Is there anyone at home at lunchtime?

How much time would you be able to devote to the dog during the week?

How many walks would you be able to give the dog during the week? How long would they be?

And what about at weekends?

Have you thought about what arrangements you would make for the dog when you go on holiday?

If you are a single applicant living alone, is there anyone on hand who can offer you support?

Are there any other dogs in your family ? If so, please specify their breed, gender, age, where they live, whether they are sterilised or not, and what their character is like.

How long have they lived with you?

Do you have any other pets? (e.g. cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets, hamsters, etc)

Has any member of your family ever had any dogs in the past? If so, what happened to those dogs?

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