To become a member you need to fill in the application form in the menu above and pay the annual subscription fee by bank transfer or Pay Pal .

Please take the time to read our Statute, Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.

Here is a brief extract from the Statute :

“ The Members are made up of both Founder Members and Ordinary Members.

The Association’s Founder Members joined in the foundation of the Association. The Ordinary Members are those who, by sharing the aims of the Association itself and acting purely on a volunteer basis, will be admitted to the Board of Directors at a later stage.


Membership of the Association is decided by the Board of Directors on receipt of the written application of the candidate, who must commit to respecting the Statute, Mission Statement and Code of Ethics as specified in the attached document, as well as the rules and resolutions passed by the Board.


The Board of Directors will discuss at their earliest operative meeting the candidate’s reputation and suitability in relation to the social aims, mission statement, code of ethics and rules of the Association.


An application may also be refused on the grounds of known statements or modes of behaviour on the part of the candidate which go against the statute, social aims and code of ethics of the Association.


The rejection of an application for membership must be communicated to the candidate in writing, explaining its reason. In this case the candidate will have the option of appealing within 30 days to the Board, who will then debate the matter at their next meeting.”


Finally, we would like to remind Italian residents that the membership fee is tax deductable only if the following wording is included in the clause:


ai sensi e per effetto del d.lgs 460/1997