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Killed and dumped: Victims of Ireland’s cruel greyhound industry

An estimated 10,000 dogs are killed every year in Ireland’s cruel greyhound industry. Among the victims are these dogs who were brutally killed and dumped in a quarry in County Limerick. Thousands of dogs “disappear” every year. Don’t go greyhound racing !     Link: Source: Ban Bloodsports © […]

Greyhounds Australasia and drugs

(Full and integral post) Greyhounds Australasia allows trainers to inject dogs with arsenic and other drugs. They believe this is safe and acceptable, do you?   Ferrocyl Injection: “WARNINGS Export Slaughter Interval (Horses): NOT TO BE USED in horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption. Caution: Sodium cacodylate is […]

Kerry Elliman in the board of GREY2K USA Worldwide

Kerry Elliman, the founder of Birmingham Greyhound Protection and Candy Cane Rescue, have just joined the board of GREY2K USAWorldwide as UK Director. We wish Kerry all the best in her work. She will a great ambassador, who will help and strengthen anti-racing fight in the UK and in Europe. […]


GBGB FINE TRAINERS £ 9,000   Jim Daly Professional Trainer KELVA CAPTIN, MALTESER MAN Crayford – 26 May 2017 Withdrawal of greyhounds & insufficient transport arrangements PT Jim Daly accepted breaches of rules 2, 152(i) and (ii) and Appendix II parts 10,19,23 and 25 of the GBGB Rules of Racing […]