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Film of the Protest at GBGB awards ceremony, Jan 29th 2017

Gavin Erickson’s film of last night’s protest in London, attended by many amongst whom members of Caged Nationwide (UK), Pet Levrieri (Italy), Greyhounds Many Nations One Voice (the world!), Birmingham Greyhound Protection (UK), Galway SPCA (Ireland), Greyhound Gap (UK) and many more. We all got soaked in the driving rain […]

Barney, a symbol

It’s not easy to select a dog to symbolise the work of a whole year, because all our dogs have a meaningful story of their own, and an often difficult past, and their safety has been the result of a tough rescue process. But I believe that Barney’s story is […]


On behalf of myself and the whole team at Pet Levrieri I would like to wish a successful 2017 to all our friends and adoptive families. A special thought goes to all our activist friends and those who work on the frontline in antiracing groups and rescues in Ireland, Spain, […]

Pud is now safe and sound at home

Pud is now safe and sound at home – since yesterday New Year’s Eve at 19.10. Yesterday evening, Pud allowed one of our members from Pet Levrieri to approach him and put him on a lead, thanks to a delicate and patient course of action agreed upon with Pud’s owner […]