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ANIMA Macau, GREY2K USA Worldwide, Limerick Animal Welfare, Greyt Exploitations, CAGED northwest, Pet levrieri, Animals Australia at ARAN’s protest in Dublin.

HUNDREDS OF GREYHOUND ADVOCATES RALLIED IN DUBLIN, 2 JUNE 2016 Moments from the international protest in Dublin against the exports of greyhounds to Macau and calling for the closure of the Macau Canidrome, organised by ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network). Some 400 people were present. Featuring among others the following […]

Inspiring, clear and forward-thinking speech in Dublin from Christine Dorchak of GREY2K USA Worldwide.

Here is the speech that Christine Dorchak, President and General Counsel of GREY2K USA Worldwide, and global leader of antiracing fight, did outside the Irish Dept. of Agriculture before submitting the “GREY2K USA petition  Stop-export-of-irish-greyhounds” to Minister Creed to ban the exports of Irish greyhounds to China. Christine did an inspiring, clear and forward-thinking speech! […]