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International Protest against the Great Britain Greyhound Board Gala

Sunday 26th January 2014 Manchester Hilton Hotel h.16:00 Bring a source of light with you to illuminate the dark. Each one will represent one of the thousands of greyhound dead for this cruel industry. Wherever it is. LIGHTING THE DARK The dog in the last poster is Norman, a greyhound […]

A Greyhound’s Song

I have lived my life in a cage Muzzled, even at Christmas. I wanted to play but this was forbidden. I slept on shredded newspaper ‘to keep out the damp’, they said. But it was cold, and it was hard. They only ever touched me to check my muscles were […]

Soiling indoors…inappropriate for whom?

After many months or even years spent shut up in a concrete shack or fenced in area with other dogs, our long-awaited greyhound or galgo is suddenly catapulted into an entirely different reality: our home. As new adopters we have to manage a variety of unexpected situations, and inappropriate soiling […]

Collaboration with Scooby

The Association Pet Levrieri Onlus is very pleased to announce that it will collaborate with the rescue Scooby Medina for the rescue and rehabilitation of Spanish greyhounds. We thank Firmin for his thorough and very productive dialogue with us.

Being a greyhound in Spain

On the 19th of November, 20 female greyhounds bought in the County of Thurles, in Ireland, will leave for Spain, where they will be used for breeding. This is serious, because the situation of greyhounds in Spain is appalling and the fate of these dogs will be full of suffering. […]

Here we are!

We are very happy to announce the official birth of the charitable association Pet Levrieri (Onlus), borne of the initiative of 20 founder members. The charity’s President is Stefania Traini, and the Board of Directors is made up of Maria Grazia Luparia, Gaudenzia Martinengo, Davide Ghiringhelli and Davide Nadalini.The charity […]

We will be there, and you?

Every year the Greyhound Board of Great Britain hold an awards ceremony to congratulate themselves and the greyhound trainers for exploiting greyhounds over the year. Whilst this is happening most of the greyhounds that earned the greed driven industry money will be kept in cold outside kennels in the middle […]

Books on Greyhounds and Galgos

Lee Livingood, Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies, Hungry Minds, New York, 2000 Cynthia A. Branigan, Adopting The Racing Greyhound, Howell Book House, Hoboken, 2003 Darren Morris, Training And Racing The Greyhound, The Crowood Press, Ramsbury, 2009 Beryl Brennan, From Heaven To Hell, The Story Of The Galgo Espanol, Turner Maxwell, […]

General Books on animals and dogs

Mark Bekoff, The Emotional Lives of Animals, New World Library, February 2007 Mark Bekoff, Jessica Pierce, Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, University of Chicago Press, 2010 Stanley Coren, How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication,Fireside, New York, 2001 Adam Miklosi, Dog Behaviour, Evolution, And Cognition, […]