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VIPs worldwide stand with the Macau Greyhounds

VIPs worldwide stand with the Macau Greyhounds

We are asking Italian and International VIPs to help by taking a selfie of themselves holding a card with the wordsI stand with the Macau greyhounds‘ and adding their autograph.

We shall then add it onto the official appeal card with the hashtag #SaveTheMacauGreyhounds and #helpAnimaMacau.

We also are asking them to sign the appeal/petition ‘Save Macau’s Image, Save Greyhounds’:

Save Macau’s Image, Save Greyhounds

The appeal, to which the card with your signed selfie will be attached, will hand by Albano Martins to the Macau Chief Executive and to the Secretary for Economy and Finance.

The VIPs selfie and the signed appeal will have the double aim of helping to spread awareness about this campaign among Chinese and Macau’s people – who will certainly know of many Western celebrities from the worlds of film, art and culture – and of appealing to the government of Macau, to ensure that the greyhounds still alive when the Canidrome is closed are handed over into the care of ANIMA Macau, which is already working to find homes for them around the world, with the help of the many groups and organisations worldwide who joined in the ‘SaveTheMacauGreyhounds’ campaign.

If the Government doesn’t hand over the greyhounds to Anima Macau, they will gradually die due to the living conditions or following accidents on the track, and the survivors will be sold to Vietnam, where commercial dog racing is legal and is growing, and to China, India and Pakistan, where illegal tracks are spreading. Some of them may even end up in the dog meat trade.



Stefania Traini
Written by Stefania Traini

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    luglio 26, 2017

    Excellent idea. We just need people from every country to get involved in this. We know the Italians love greyhounds but other countries like Ireland do not care about the dogs themselves just the money they can make for them.


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